17 November 2016

You might have a mud flap problem...

Thousands of commercial vehicles make their way across the nation's highways every day, but not all of them run with the same equipment. One piece of equipment that you probably don't think much about is your mud flaps, but it's one that shouldn't be overlooked. The right mud flaps can extend the life of your vehicle, save on your fuel expenses, and directly affect your driving experience.

Our newest vendor partner, Eco Flaps®, makes it easy for you to see the immediate benefits of equipping your trucks with top-of-the-line splash guards that are SmartWay-verified, complete with a patented aerodynamic design that is proven to improve your fuel economy and performance.


The Mud Flap Problem

Wind resistance can negatively impact one-third of a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Traditional mud flaps cause added drag and decrease fuel efficiency. In inclement weather, water spray caused by traditional mud flaps can compromise a driver’s line of sight. Not to mention, traditional flaps have a nasty habit of tearing off and breaking in tough driving conditions, causing equipment downtime, driver delays, and costly non-compliance fees.

Other low-cost “aerodynamic” flaps are just imitators and don’t have the testing or SmartWay verification to back their performance claims. What’s more, they’re not made from durable materials and break easily in inclement weather or tough driving conditions.

Unfortunately, many fleet owners are not aware they have a “mud flap problem,” and don't realize the benefits their fleet can receive by making a change to their mud flaps.


The Eco Flaps Solution

Eco Flaps splash guards offer a simple solution to two of the greatest challenges in the transportation industry today—reducing fuel costs and improving performance.


Fuel Savings

Molded, wing-shaped channels move air and water through the Eco Flaps ventilated surface to reduce drag. Less resistance equals more efficiency. In fact, Eco Flaps can improve fuel economy up to 3.5%—saving 500 gallons of the 14,000 gallons of fuel a truck will use annually. See the SAE 3rd party testing.

Time and time again, Eco Flaps have been proven to pay for themselves with fuel savings in a relatively short time frame. Plus, Eco Flaps are the ONLY splash guards to have the distinction of being SmartWay verified.


Increased Durability for Enhanced Performance

There's no way to avoid the daily wear and tear that occurs from traveling cross-country, but there are ways to help minimize the additional damage caused by the elements and changing weather.

Eco Flaps are made of high quality, impact-resistant nylon polymer, making them virtually indestructible and tolerant of extreme road and weather conditions. They have been impact-tested to withstand temperatures from -200 F to +200 F without cracking, breaking, or melting.


Increased Safety

When water moves through the wing-shaped channels, it passes through a “dead air zone” on the back of the Eco Flap and then falls to the road surface. This flow-pattern feature significantly reduces road spray by up to 75% when compared to traditional mud flap design. By directing water to the pavement instead of into the air, Eco Flaps drastically reduce the dangerous cloud of road spray that impedes a driver’s line of sight on wet roads. Thus, Eco Flaps play a critical role in making roads safer for both drivers and surrounding motorists. 


Stay Safe, Save Time, and Improve your Bottom Line

As you can see, a change in your mud flaps can mean a big change to your fleet overall. We're making it even better by offering TruckersB2B members a 10% discount. Eco Flaps are backed by a 2-year warranty and are interchangeable with your current mud flaps. Available in 24" and 18" widths with several lengths for tractor and trailer applications that meet all DOT requirements along with custom colors and custom graphics or logos, you're sure to find just what you need. Learn more and see how you can take advantage of the savings.


To see a full list of all the savings available to you and your fleet with your TruckersB2B membership, visit us at truckersb2b.com/savings. Don't forget to keep up with all the latest promotions and industry news we have to share by visiting our full blog.


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