29 April 2017

Castrol® is Launching New Vecton® & CRB® Multi Diesel Engine Oil Brands in the U.S. Market

Castrol, a name very familiar in the trucking industry, is doing its part to both help minimize the amount of wear and tear on your trucks, as well as the negative effects emissions have on the environment, with the introduction of its new range of premium diesel engine oils that meet the new API CK-4 and FA-4 specifications. Let's take a look at these new and improved engine oils:

Meeting the New API CK-4 Standard

•  Castrol Vecton Long Drain 10W-30 – Advanced Part-Synthetic (CK-4)
•  Castrol Vecton 15W-40 – Advanced Part-Synthetic (CK-4)
•  Castrol CRB Multi 15W-40 – Conventional Blend (CK-4)


Meeting the New API FA-4 Standard

  • Castrol Vecton 10W-30 – Advanced Part-Synthetic (FA-4)


Why are there New API Classifications for Diesel Engine Oils?

The new API classifications (also known as PC-11) are being driven by changes in engine technology to meet emissions and fuel economy standards set by the EPA for CO2 and other greenhouse gases. New regulations coming into effect in 2017 are driving the need for the next generation of oils to address factors such as:

  • Changes in diesel engine designs
  • The increased use of bio-diesel fuel
  • Improved protection from higher engine operating temperatures
  • Improved protection from engine oil sheering


What Does this Mean for Your Fleet?

  • Better oxidation protection (Oxidation is one of the primary causes of oil breakdown and is accelerated by higher operating temperatures. This is important, as new engines are being designed to run hotter.)
  • Better stay-in-grade performance
  • Better aeration control (The new PC-11 standards call for improvements in aeration control. Aeration is when the engine oil starts to develop tiny air bubbles, foam or both, which can impede an oil’s ability to protect the engine. To monitor the effectiveness of the new oils, they will have to pass a new aeration test called the Caterpillar Engine Oil Aeration test.)


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