Meet your dedicated team...

Each TruckersB2B member is assigned a dedicated team, which consists of a Fuel Specialist and a Tire Specialist. This team works hard to help your fleet save every penny possible. Meet your team below.

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 Burgundy Region

Adam Aurich

Fuel Specialist
(801) 624-4929
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Jessica Rivera

Tire Specialist
(801) 624-4506
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 Black Region

Ian Wilkinson

Fuel Specialist
(801) 624-4583
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Shawn Galliett

Tire Specialist
(801) 624-4652
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 White Region

Dawna Cole

Fuel Specialist
(801) 624-4945
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Ross Murray

Tire Specialist
(801) 624-4637
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 Gray Region

Tyler Douglass

Fuel Specialist
(801) 624-4558
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Denise Lockwood

Tire Specialist
(317) 829-0117
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